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Christmas concerts “The Greatest Gift” – December 2022

We were honored at once again participate as musician at WAO Church Christmas concerts in December 2022. We have participated in the band for the concerts for about 20 years.

Ankhovens Djurkalender – November 2022

We wrote and made the production of 24 episodes of Ankhovens Djurkalender November 2022, broadcasted at Kanal10, TBN Nordic, EFS Play and social media.

Audio Book with Anna Pella “Väntesorg”, Libris Förlag – October 2022

October 2022 we recorded the audio book “Väntesorg” ny Anna Pella, published at Libris Förlag

Korsvandrarna, a video documentary for Walk For Europe – September 2022

September 2022 we recorded and edited video and audio for the documentary program Korsvandrarna for Walk For Europe

Audio book with Håkan Sunnliden “Roten som bär dig”, Semnos Förlag – September 2022

September 2022 we recorded Håkan Sunnliden’s book “Roten som bär dig” published at Semnos Förlag.

Movie “Ansökan” with Teater Aros, Uppsala – August 2022

Teater Aros, operated by CHR Consulting, recorded the movie “Ansökan” were we captured the audio, august 2022

Audio book with Ruth Nordström and Elise Lindqvist, Libris Förlag – August 2022

We recorded the audio book “Mod att resa sig” and video by Ruth Nordström, Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers and Elise Lindqvist, the Angel at Malmskillnadsgatan during August 2022, published at Libris Förlag.

TV commercial: Danske Bank, for TV4 etc Sweden, Norway, Denmark – July 2022

We run recorded the sound, narration and made the Audio mix for TV commersials for Danske Bank (Bank of Denmark) that will be broadcasted at TV4 etc in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Ankhovens sommarlov: Children’s program for TV, social media, radio and podcast – June 2022

The Children program series Ankhoven turned out good so we decided to make a cut down cost version of it filmed by iPhone 13 but in the same way as when making TV. The result was Ankhovens sommarlov (Ankhoven’s summer vacation). Shown at TV: TBN Nordic and Kanal10, Radio: Radio Hope and as podcast werever podcast can be listened to.

Radio commercial: KD Region Stockholm – June 2022

Radio commercials for Mix Megapol Stockholm, NRJ Stockholm, Rockklassiker Stockholm, Svensk Pop and Vinyl FM Stockholm for KD Region Stockholm (Christ democrats) with Desire Pethrus.
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Sound Of Music Stockholm HB is a music production company, established 1994 and ran by Torbjörn "Toby" Frisk. We have a production studio located in the heart of Stockholm from where we work, or on location.

We work with music productions, TV productions (audio, music), radio productions, different kind of media productions as well as education in the area of music and audio.

We work with Pro Tools and Logic and with different kind of audio hardware tools such SSL.

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