Customers & Music


Some of our customers:

  • – SVT (Swedish Public Television)
  • – TV4 (Swedish Public Television, 450 episodes of The Drama Series “Skilda Världar”)
  • – Norske Filmskolen (Norwegian Film Academy)
  • – Kanal 10
  • – Sveriges Kristna Radio
  • – Svenska Kyrkan i Tyresö
  • – Kulturskolan i Tyresö
  • – Authentic Worship, Hong Kong
  • – Aflame Gospel Assembly, Kampala, Uganda
  • – Birgitta Yavari-Ihlan, Jerusalem, Israel
  • – Kings Kids
  • – Marie Dufva
  • – Eva Marklund
  • – Eleonora Lahti
  • – Touchline
  • – Norea Sverige
  • – Keren Kajemet
  • – James Hollingworth
  • – Solna Kommun


Some samples of music we made or produced:

Trailer of the Children Adventure Movie Hjältar & Hjälpare (Heros & Helpers) by Kings Kids, where we made the film music, mixed the audio and made the mastering. Video by Simon Frisk:


Music from our ambient music album Hana Ka’nima. We make our own ambient music as Analog Prophet. Video by Torbjörn “Toby” Frisk:


“African Wedding March”. A documentary of the majestic wildlife of Uganda and Kenya. Photo: Torbjörn “Toby” Frisk:


A clip from a CD we made for Authentic Worship in Hong Kong, released in 11 languages. Here an instrumental part in a song from the Swedish version release. Video by Simon Frisk:


Eleonora Lahti‘s album Season Of Change that we produced. A Swedish and an English version were made, here a song from the Swedish version. Video by Ester Lahti (recorded in Israel):

Listen to the radio station we are producer at: Sveriges Kristna Radio