Live streaming of book release: Eleonora Lahti, Semnos Förlag – June 2022

We live streamed the book release of Eleonora Lahti’s second book: När allting blir annorlunda, published at Semos förlag.

KD Region Stockholm: TV commercials for the election 2022 – June 2022

Sweden has election September 2022. One of the things KD Region Stockholm (Christ Democrats) focus at is the health program. We were part of a media team making TV commercials for KD and the candidate Desire Pethrus. Media company was Rickard Liljero Ericsson.

Music recording: S:ta Clara Church Music School (Lovsångsskolan) with Bo Järpehag – May 2022

S:ta Clara Church in Stockholm has some different schools. One of them is a music school (lovsångsskola) lead by Bo Järpehag. We recorded and mixed the songs made during the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters.

Audio Bible: The Message, Libris Förlag – March 2022 to approx. March 2023

The most read book in the world, the Bible, has many translations to many languages. One of the most popular translation, The Message, has recently been translated to Swedish and is now in process of be an audio book. We record, edit and voice coach the audio book. Publishing company is Libris.

TBN Nordic: TV live broadcast – March 2022

Now and then we work with the TV channel TBN Nordic, as we did in March 2022 for a live broadcast about the present situation in Ukraine

Children program series: Ankhoven for TV and social media – February 2022

February 2022 we made a program series targeted younger children, Ankhoven, were we made the script, the acting, the sound and music. It was broadcasted at the TV channels TBN Nordic and Kanal10. We claimed the right to use it for our own purpose at social media. One of the clips had more than 160 000 views at YouTube after some few weeks. One can watch Ankhoven, among other places, here:

Live streaming: Services at S:ta Clara Church Stockholm – January 2022 – December 2022

Every Sunday we are a part of the media team of S:ta Clara Church cathedral in Stockholm were we live stream the mass service. We run the streaming sound plus the video (fall 2022). S:ta Clara Church is not only one of our costumers but also the church we are members at.

Christmas TV-program to help homeless – TBN Nordic and S:ta Clara Church Stockholm – December 2021

Stockholm is cold during winter time, many homeless freezing. S:ta Clara Church at downtown Stockholm helping many people and made a Christmas program together with the TV-channel TBN Nordic to collect money to help the homeless with food and somewhere to sleep. All participants and TV crew helped for free so that the collected resources goes to the people who need it most.

Pre production of Children TV Series “Ankhoven” – November-December 2021

The Facebook children music/adventure channel Ankhoven will be TV this winter. Right now writing screen play, making music tracks and planning. Here practice a song with help of the composer himself; James Hollingworth (will not participate in the TV series but wrote some songs that will be sung).

Christmas concert WAO Church – December 2021

We were honoured to be participate at the big Christmas concert at Wao Church as musician even this year.

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