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Hjärt & Lungfonden, Sundkurs: Educational film – June 2022

Hjärt & Lungfonden (The Swedish Cardio Fond) made a series of educational films were we run the sound. Production company was Segerstedt Film AB.

Sound Of Music

Sound Of Music Stockholm HB is a music production company, established 1994 and ran by Torbjörn "Toby" Frisk. We have a production studio located in the heart of Stockholm from where we work, or on location.

We work with music productions, TV productions (audio, music), radio productions, different kind of media productions as well as education in the area of music and audio.

We work with Pro Tools and Logic and with different kind of audio hardware tools such SSL.

Fair game is our business - you can trust us.

Listen to the radio station we are producer at: Sveriges Kristna Radio