List Of Rates


From a concert at McPherson Stadium, Hong Kong with singers from all over the world singing in 8 different languages, an international band, symphony orchestra, 250 people choir, dancers and 30 painters. It all started with a man’s dream, a talk with us and some planning, some simple recordings in some years (some in studios, some in hotel rooms and some in people’s home) and with help from above it grew from there. If you have a dream of music, don’t hesitate to talk with us.

We can make you a deal in a way that suite you best:

  • Per Hour
    – 700 skr / $70 per hour (plus 25% VAT)
  • Per Day
    – 5000 skr / $500 per day (plus 25%VAT)
  • Per Project
    – Based of the complexity of production we together estimate the time it will take and make a good deal for your production (plus 25%VAT)

If the labour will be done outside our studio travel, food and expenses related to the project must be covered (you can arrange that, or we can do and put on the bill).

Note that we don’t charge any hidden fee – fair play is our business (and in reality we work more hours than we charge our customers for).